“The Year of realisation” is how 2020 is going to be jotted in the history books. After you read this, a wave of Realisation is going to hit you that will change the stereotypical perceptions you have.

2020 is a year when death reigned and hell was packed to the brim. A year which claimed countless lives. But why is it being recognised as the worst threat the Earth has ever faced?

Well, for staters, Fire came breathing down the houses of those who share the earth with us so definitely the worst year for Them.

Then the bells of war were almost rung and this time, it might have been the last time they were ever heard because no wars without the warring species.

A stream of hatred was discovered within us in the west towards those who were disgracefully referred to as “a different species” which is nothing but discrimination because the sun shone a bit brighter on a side of the earth. 

And not to mention the pandemic that deserted the streets and twisted our human nature in the worst way possible- an anti-social animal. 

Ever stopped to wonder why we are going through what we are going through? Why is 2020 going to be the highlight of the century? Well, there are a lot of theories by none other than God’s crowning species. 

“It’s god’s work”

 “It’s natural”

“The earth was bound to come to an end at some point.”

Some are even blaming the victim 2020, “Why are you making us suffer 2020?”

Ever consider the truth?
of course you didn’t. It’s not your fault too- after all, it might be the darkest discovery of the millennium. Deep down we all know the truth, we are just afraid to address it.

So what is the truth?

Is it that humans have fallen? They are more far along than we can expect? 

The path of redemption is no longer a path. It is now veiled under the undergrowth of our passion. It has been centuries since human feet stepped on that path. The undergrowth gets dense every day further concealing the path. But who can travel through this undergrowth and is on a path to redeem them today? It’s our unlikely earth mate – Animals. 

The line “move forward in life, not backwards” has indeed proven its effect. We never looked back, did we? Was it because we forgot to or because we were afraid to look back at every creature we stepped on, every hope we destroyed of returning back to what we were supposed to be -divine creatures. 

The path of redemption was indeed the one not taken by many but now it will the path taken by none. 

But what happened to us? When did we turn?

Is it because someone decided to write “All’s fair in love and war”? Because what it truly signifies is,” All’s fair in love that leads to war.”  

Did love- the most divine thing known to human turn into hate? How is that possible?
Well, love is supernatural and incomprehensible to the human mind so if we dabble with it without rules, it can lead to what has absolutely no rules- hate.

Or did we turn because we thought- “the ends justify the means.” It’s makes sense- why not care about the end result? 

But at the same time- what about the process? What if theses minute processes we like to undercut initiate a grand process that puts an end to us we never desired? 

Or did all this collectively cause one human to turn and that lead to what we now call,” One bad fish can spoil the whole pond?” Just in this case, the pond was our home, our earth!

Well, whatever it was, all that matters now is the truth and now the truth has been exposed-  Our faults, desires and vices synthesised into their visual form- 2020.  

“The world was our canvas, our nature was the shade,

Today as the masterpiece concluded, a stroke of black portrayed.”

-Aarit Gupta

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