The mortal man’s exploits have foisted upon us an era of darkness,
A time so horrifying that we have been forced to distance ourselves and fall a victim to apartness.

Our social order is decaying and fossilizing under the mud that the human race once excavated out of the earth we cherished,
whereas the pandemic has inflicted death upon the homes that have perished.

The masks will not cloak the vile face of human creature, 
it will be penetrated by the winds of justice that shall convict us for our sinful acts against nature.

Neither can we wash away our vices in matter of seconds nor were we fated to end from our inception, 
this is just a price we pay when we meddle with forces beyond our comprehension.

With the plague being a testimony to what shall follow, the day of judgment is knocking on our door, 
now we shall choose whether to be locked away for a jiffy or to answer and be locked away for more.

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