The nothingness is how it started. The loneliness inside you is what the universe once felt. It was after it crumbled into pieces that the loneliness was transmitted into creatures known as humans who called it ‘the Big Bang.’ We might have named how it started but how are we going to name how it ended?

The question is will we witness the end?

We might be the victims and the killer but will we be the witness too?

Ironically, this marks the only time when humans will share the fate as animals have for years. The hunters become the hunted, hunted by the same time that goes ‘tick tock’ on their bedside. They will be vigilant just like their fellow earthlings have been for years, wide awake staring into the infinite darkness at night hoping for a glimmer of light, helpless as they predict what is to come just as they predict a snow storm or a sunny day. 

But these predictions known as theories carry a strain among themselves that might be a theory of the end in itself- disagreement. 

One theory contradicts the other while carrying the same potential to bring the end as the other.

A scorched earth is what one might predict but what it truly signifies is hate because hate amongst us leads to a belief that the earth meant for all can only be home to one which leads to war and that is what eventually burns the earth and transforms a blue planet into a red planet. 

Some might even call the penguins the future king of the jungle or to say earth as an ice age is what might await. But will it be cold? As cold as humanity today and will it carry out it’s revenge- melting our dreams as we vanish rather than us melting the icy dreamland we have today?

Will it be an apocalypse? It had a close call in 2020 but will our ambitions give birth to something so unique that it will bring us to near extinction? Well, it would teach us at the end the difference between God and men- One’s hands created us and the other’s ended us.   

But the future is not yet the past. Today we stand at crossroads- one is a bit rugged but leads to a future and other leads to a future which will soon be veiled beneath the undergrowth of history. 

“A light is what I see in this estranged universe,

Is it our dreams we set out to build or the sun setting it’s burning curse.”