“Some say Nature is out on a walk,

Some say it’s an act of God,

but truly it’s an Indictment for our own Faults.”


In the year 2009, I set foot in the Horsemen training center known as Knights academy in New York to be a secret operative. The Horsemen is a secret spy organization that solved all the eccentric and arduous cases around the globe. It has ties with many nations but has to work covertly in nations which restrict the entry of a spy. Having completed my training in 2012, I was conferred with the title of a horseman.

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“When i feel Crestfallen, I Blame Life.

When i Feel Contented, I Praise Life.

The Reality is that at every turn, Life changes to teach us a new lesson we would never Forget.”


Golden is its value, Blue is the color,⁣
⁣Mirage is what the parched will discover.⁣
The condition of Cape Town is just the tip of the iceberg, ⁣
⁣While the god and his nature goes berserk.⁣
Third world war would be over Adam’s ale,⁣
⁣Droughty land is where the ships will sail.⁣
We seek water on the alien mars,⁣
⁣While these life sources every day turn scarce.⁣
Hanging in the balance is the earth’s fate,⁣
⁣In the dry future, Atlantis would not be hard to locate.⁣
Sahara desert is the mirror image of the future civilization,⁣
⁣Cactus water is what would give a pinch of hydration.⁣
We are unsuspecting that the tap is running just as our time,⁣
⁣After the water cycle’s abandonment, three days is the period for the human life’s decline.⁣