Golden is its value, Blue is the color,⁣
⁣Mirage is what the parched will discover.⁣
The condition of Cape Town is just the tip of the iceberg, ⁣
⁣While the god and his nature goes berserk.⁣
Third world war would be over Adam’s ale,⁣
⁣Droughty land is where the ships will sail.⁣
We seek water on the alien mars,⁣
⁣While these life sources every day turn scarce.⁣
Hanging in the balance is the earth’s fate,⁣
⁣In the dry future, Atlantis would not be hard to locate.⁣
Sahara desert is the mirror image of the future civilization,⁣
⁣Cactus water is what would give a pinch of hydration.⁣
We are unsuspecting that the tap is running just as our time,⁣
⁣After the water cycle’s abandonment, three days is the period for the human life’s decline.⁣

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