I lay awake in the darkness of the night,
reflecting on a thousand glimmering dreams,
their colours so brilliant with a tinge of my creativity,
Distant from the reality brimmed with indecency and depravity.

A thousand Dreams are now intertwined with a thousand memories,
For they are the ashes of the reality that has fallen.
Our dreams were the outline for a reality we set out to mould,
now the same dreams are the only glimmer of light as we perceive the darkness unfold. 

As I close my eyes, my tears break the shackles of reality which are a thousand years old.
and i sit on the edge of my dreamland watching the sunset with hues of crimson and gold.
I now wonder if it was the darkness we harnessed inside us that left us with nothing but a thousand dreams,
or our everlasting dreams that inflicted upon us this dark regime.

Nowadays, covid 19 has forced us to stay at our home due to which we can only dream about the world we used to live in and how we would love to return to that world. Here is a poem about dreams.

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“When i feel Crestfallen, I Blame Life.

When i Feel Contented, I Praise Life.

The Reality is that at every turn, Life changes to teach us a new lesson we would never Forget.”